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    The working principle and concrete steps of the compound machine

    Date:2016.08 source:GUANGSHENG MACHINERY

    The working principle of the composite machine is as follows:

    1 Preparation

    First, according to the alignment direction of the installed base of each guide roller, meanwhile the adhesive agent by adjusting the proportion of good, starting the heating system of the oven, when the reach set temperature of the corresponding, then open motor drive, you can open to produce coating.

    2 coating

    Unwinding device first after roller, glue coating, through the oven dry bath, complete coating process.

    3 Composite

    By the EPC gas-liquid rectification into the composite part, and with the second part of the volume of the substrate material, it achieved a composite process.

    4 cooling coil

    After the cooling coil to complete the overall production and processing of the substrate, the production should pay attention to the following issues.

    (1) adjusting the flatness of the substrate by adjusting the position of the roller.

    (2) by adjusting the relative distance between the two composite rollers to adjust the composite pressure.

    (3) by adjusting the tension of the clutch and the brake to control the traction and winding tension of the base material, make the machine run smoothly, and get good coating quality and composite effect.