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    Common faults and removal of coating machine

    Date:2015.12 source:GUANGSHENG MACHINERY

    Wear of transmission parts of coating machine

    Coating machines in operation process ZhongChangHui appear transmission parts wear problem, such as coating machine dryer shaft wear and roll and bearing chamber wear etc.. Traditional repair methods are welding, thermal spraying and brush plating etc., but there are some disadvantages: welding will on the surfaces of the parts to very high temperatures, causing deformation or crack, serious when will lead to the fracture of shaft; plating coating is too thick, and pollution is serious and its application is limited. With the development of technology. Currently, in order to solve the problem mentioned above can be used in polymer composites, which is used has micava technology system. Material has a good adhesive strength and compressive strength, can be removed from the scene to repair the wear of the coating machine. At the same time because of its lack of metal deformability, can absorb shock and vibration equipment is good, to avoid two wear.

    Concrete foundation damage of coating machine

    Due to corrosion, aging, equipment vibration and other factors, will cause damage to the concrete base and other parts of the coating machine, which leads to the loosening of the bolt of the fastening device, which seriously affects the production. Traditional concrete casting methods to manage, will make the repair time is greatly extended, the enterprise is difficult to accept. Polymer composites are also well solves the problem, material itself has impact resistance, compressive strength is far greater than the current concrete materials, and adhesion to steel and other rough surface, can fast curing, repair coating machine concrete base damage of the latest scientific research achievements.